Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Close Encounters – School`s Out


Part 1: SCHOOL’S OUT: APRIL 6, 1966 – It’s 11am at the Westall School in Melbourne, Australia when a classroom of students playing outside see a saucer-shaped object in an adjacent field. Word quickly spreads and hundreds of students and teachers observe the strange craft as it touches down, metres away. One student jumps the fence and tries to make contact when it suddenly takes off. The incident lasts for 20 minutes. The children are told never to speak of the incident, and it is kept a secret for over 30 years.

Part 2: CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: NOVEMBER 25, 2009 — On a short drive home from his work near Port Jervis, New York, John Hudson is singing along to Christmas carols when he notices strange lights in the sky. He describes a cigar-shaped object, 200 feet in length, with five multi-coloured lights. As the object passes over his car, his car dies and so does his cell phone. When it finally disappears, his car and cell phone start up again. Investigators believe the effects on his vehicle and cellphone were due to some kind of electromagnetic interference.


T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawing

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass, Outside The Fishbowl

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