Driving along a dark county road, on the outskirts of Indianapolis, the last thing bounty hunter Matthew Reed remembers is chasing a strange orange light before his cars stalls to an abrupt stop.When he comes to, he is standing in the middle of a farmer’s field, more than 3 miles from where he started, and he is missing an hour and a half of time. Not able to explain the blood on his face, the damage to his SUV and the mysterious radiation marks on his chest, Matthew reports the incident to former police detective, Steve White at the Mutual UFO Network in Indiana. MUFON’s investigation triggers a series of disturbing flashbacks that take Matthew inside an alien spacecraft and put him face to face with alien beings. Desperate to make sense of the events, Matthew reconnects with his brother Tom and together they unlock a series of terrifying alien experiences that span 50 years and three generations.


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